I’m a freelance cinematographer and photographer based in Bern, Switzerland. Specializing in various styles, I have an extensive track record of delivering high-end content that accentuates the image viewing experience. Even more, I enjoy leveraging that to ultimately help propel brands, artists, and businesses forward.

My passion for film and photography began while I was studying at Gymnasium Burgdorf and spending a year abroad in Indiana, USA. This inspired me to shoot my first film, a documentary about two refugees in my hometown of Burgdorf. During this time, I attained firsthand learning experiences involving all things production, ranging from camera settings to post-production processes. This strengthened my passion for the media landscape and became the catalyst for me to begin working for several agencies and movie production companies, including who’s mcqueen picture GmbH, and Polymorph Pictures.

Today, I have since intertwined that knowledge to step into the freelancing sector – all with a core goal to help others, just like you, raise the bar within their own industries. Nothing makes me happier than delivering mold-breaking content and doing so while ensuring everyone involved has nothing but positive experiences along the way.

That, along with my reputation for ensuring every production is explicitly planned out to get the best images possible, is what can solidify your confidence that your objectives will be exceeded every time.

Phil portrat


Full Service Production

From creating the story, scouting locations, booking actors to bringing the final product together in post-production - with a wide network of professionals in the film industry I can tailor a team that’s just right for your project - for budgets up to CHF 50’000.-

Freelance Cinematography

Are you a production company or creative agency? Do you have a project you’d like to book a cinematographer for that will help bring your vision into life? Let’s have a talk and see if I’m the right fit for your project!


Wether it’s for a webpage, a catalogue or social media. With quality images you don’t only speak, but show in a way that lasts.
I shoot in studio with artificial lighting to create exactly what is needed - or outside and work my way around the sun to get a more natural and organic look. 


A Selection of clients I've had the pleasure of collaborating with.

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